Monday, April 18, 2016

So much as Changed. Life in pieces.

Does anyone's life ever remain as it is. No. Do we do the same thing day in and day out. Sort of. I see my last blog entry was back in 2010. I think. I performed my solo shows on Second Life regularly, but then I got another job at a church that took me away from there. It left little time for me to do what I truly loved. Performing. I had an adult choir, a youth band and had started putting together a children's choir before I left. "You left?" you ask. Yes I did. I had to have an total ankle replacement in 2011. Something I thought would help change my life for the better. When the surgeon opened my foot he was greeted to a mess of fractured bones. I can't have MRI's due to past surgeries and metal already inside me and a Cat scan does not give as clear a picture. The surgeon did the best he could with what he had. After I was convalescing (a word my children loath), I saw that the recovery was not going as well as anticipated. Also, my mother, who dropped everything to help me, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It turned into 4 years of ups and downs. I am tired now. but so much has happened. Going to bid you a good night and I hope to be back soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It has been along time!

Hi everyone! I am totally neglectful of this poor little blog. I do hear it is so 2008 though.. lol
Anyway, been a crazy year of ups and downs. But getting off to a good start this 2010. Almost a year at the new church as their music director. It has been so much work, building their program from the ground up. They had nothing there, it was a shame, all that talent and no one to help them use it. But have met great people and now working in a place I feel at home. I don't have my own office yet. They are in the process of building a new building that will house the offices, classrooms, gathering space, and meeting places., So hopefully, my space. which now doubles as the storage area, will before this year is out, be a creative space. I look forward to that. well, off to sleep as the snow falls outside my window and the warmth of my home lulls me to sleep. ~hugs~

Friday, November 21, 2008

Grand Opening of the New Art Gallery

The New Poseidon's Port


~~*~~*~~ November 22, 2008 ~~*~~*~~

Celebrating the artists that exist in this world, both in SL and RL.. I have some wonderful friends, old and new that have agreed to share their talent and display there works here on our New Poseidon's Port, by the harbour... They work in many mediums, from oil, canvas, sculpture, in world art, amazing and talented. Please stop by and check out this new hub of art and culture.

Artists displaying their work:
Gwen Carillon Ronin Reyes Kev Huet
Spiral Silverstar Wolf Henley
NiKi Zamani Angelica Svenska
Monica Renneville mcpol Kamachi
sakura2 Kohime Sachi Nozaki
Yuri Thor Nicci Lane
Balduin Papp Ophelia Loon
Barton Dowd Butterfly Laa

To compliment the grand opening, I have invited some wonderful musicians to help us open up this new hot spot with a wonderful venue we call the SoundCastle.

Line up of Live Acts

11am- Joaquin Gustav
12pm - Luigi Volare
1pm - Maximillion Kleene
2pm - Jean Munro
3pm - XanderNichting Writer
4:30 pm - Friendly Fire

This is so exciting! Many of my friends have offered to help ring in the new era of Poseidon's Port! Plus, we are now a part of the Sister Cities!! We are honored at their notice.

We now have 2 private islands joined together offering tranquility and fun...

Today we open the new venue, the SoundCastle Park, along with the new Art Gallery, a wonderful place filled spectacular art by many of the talented residents of SL. No dress code, I have even been known to use the jetskiis in a gown!

Please, stroll around the 2 sims and indulge in all we have to offer... by the new stage there is the beautiful Art Gallery, plus a free jetski to cruise around the sims on, a go-kart track and some shopping, which we will eventually have filled with wonderful items.

If you are up for a romantic dance, stop in the Theater on the Pier, an elegant edition that Red built to honor both our fond childhood memories. We filled the pier with some fun activites, bumper cars, rock climbing, a carousel, and of course, what visit to the boardwalk wouldn't be complete without having your fortune told in Madam Marie's!

Dance in the treehouse or take a hot air balloon ride. Walk over the bridge in where our last, but not least, venue will soon open. The Cat & Fiddle pub area... a place of days gone by where magical fairies and suprises abound... If you love it here, you can stay... we have some homes that you can rent...

See you soon, Love,
Jean & Red

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's been too long

hmmm, it's has been far too long, but have to say, the more things change, the more they stay the same...
People come into your life, and people go out of your life... I wish that wouldn't happen every, but it does.
The passing of a dear friend, Yrrek Gran, was rather devastating... It made me realize that SL/RL.... there really isn't no separating the two. We make these bonds across the digital divide that encapsulate our day to day existance, the firing up of our little magical machines to see who of our friends will we talk to right now.... across this digital divide.
She was smart, funny, quick witted and oh.. did I mention brilliant.. He star will shine for years to come.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Wow, there are good neighbors and then well, you get the bad ones. Here I am on beautiful Tiberius, on my corner of the world, to sign onto SL and find some neighbors have moved in and put a bunch of HUGE pornographic images enclosing their little parcel. What is up with that! I fly over to inspect.. ping ping... it's another neighbor... Nikee seeing that I am inspecting the spectacle that is across the sim... My, how lovely. (we both cough)
Do people have any respect anymore, do people even care what other people think. What a sad place the world is becoming. It's becoming too much of a "if it makes me happy, what's the problem" The problem? The problem is we are all creatures of this earth. All living together; any action, word, or deed does affect another in some way or form. Before you go ahead and think only of yourself, think of the people around you. You are not the only inhabitant of this world, SL or RL. There are REAL people here. Think about it. I don't care what you do behind closed doors, really don't. But out in public, give me a break, will ya, show some decency, (as per the TOS, the 'big 6")...
I guess reading is not some people strong point.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Picture of Poseidon's Port

just another picture of Poseidon's Port

Friday, November 9, 2007

Appeared on the "Live with Paisley Beebe" show

Hi everyone, Poseidon's Port has become a fun place to be! Plenty of great musicians...
What a week! It all started on Sunday, when i was on the "Live with Paisley Beebe" show. If you didn't make the show, please click on the link. It is the Nov 4th show and I am the second guest to appear. It was a nice experience and I hope that Paisley will ask me back again! Then, yesterday, who shows up at my club looking all beautiful and sporty? Paisley, herself! What a surprise. I was honored that she wandered over to my place. It was Wednesday and I had just finished up my first round of shows. I was hosting a good friend of mine, Xandernichting Writer. I played at 12pm, and he followed up at 1pm. What a fantastic show he put on. He played for an hour and half, the "joint was jumping!" No one wanted to leave! Then Paisley showed up, but unfortunately, she had missed his show. Xander is someone Paisley NEEDS to have on her show :). We all were talking and having such a good time, that it continued right on into my evening showcase! I started playing at 4:30pm. Never even had time for dinner. Then Eliz Watanabe followed me. You have to try and see her. She is a new SL singer and puts on a lovely show. The night finished with a nice bluesy set put on by Etherian Kamaboko. He is a seasoned SL musician, putting on shows around the metaverse, but he likes to play mine! Love it!
Soooo, after an exhausting, fun day... I finally ate dinner while listening to Etherian. Hey, it's just a roller coaster, isn't it?

***Still looking for merchants to rent my shops... SO please, if you know anyone who wants to sell their items at a high traffic place owned by me, please send them my way.
I also have some nice home rentals... Please, stop by and have a dance under the stars. You'll love it here. ***

** next week, I am having Me, Montian Gilruth, Groucho March on Wednesday night and Xandernichting Writer and myself at a Eurofriendly time on Thursday. Please stop in.